China Aviation Supplies Holding Co. (CASC) has signed a provisional agreement to buy 60 Airbus aircraft, comprising 42 A320 family aircraft and 18 A330s.

The “general terms agreement,” signed by CASC president Li Hai and Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier, was one of a number of France-China agreements signed in the presence of the visiting French president François Hollande and Chinese president Xi Jinping.

“As congestion puts pressure on airports in large cities in China, the A330 is an excellent solution as larger aircraft can transport more passengers with less flights,” Brégier said.

A320 family aircraft are operated by 14 Chinese airlines, with 750 in service. China also has 110 A330s in service with six airlines.

The end customer for the aircraft and delivery timescales were not disclosed.

CASC was established in October 2002 as one of the China Civil Aviation Administration’s six air transportation and support holding companies. Since it was founded, CASC has agreed to a total of 14 framework agreements with Airbus and Boeing covering 779 aircraft, according to the body’s website.

Previous CASC Airbus agreements consist of a deal for 102 aircraft, including A320s, A330s and A350 XWBs, in 2010 and another for 88 A320s in 2011.