A union representing Jetstar pilots is asking regulators for permission to ballot its members to gain approval for strike action.

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots has submitted a request to the Fair Work Commission for an industrial action vote. Jetstar has until Nov. 15 to submit any objections to the request, then the commission will decide if the vote can go ahead.

The industrial action being proposed by the union includes work-to-rule and strikes of up to 24 hours.

Negotiations for a new contract began in January, but the two sides have reached an impasse regarding compensation increases. The Qantas subsidiary is offering a 3% increase, and the union proposal is believed to increase pilot costs by 15%.

The union has said it applied for the strike vote because negotiations stalled. However, a Jetstar spokesman said the move is “disappointing … given we have been in constructive discussions” regarding the contract. The carrier stressed it takes time to work through the many complex areas and modifications that have to be discussed.

Adrian Schofield, adrian.schofield@informa.com