Ryanair will open a new base at Toulouse as part of its winter 2019 schedule, stationing two Boeing 737-800s there and more than doubling the number of routes it operates from the southwestern French city.

The Irish LCC also plans to increase its Marseille and Bordeaux bases with an additional 737, bringing the total at each to three, and substantially expand its networks from both locations.

Ryanair routes from Toulouse will increase from nine to 20, with eight of the 11 new services being international. The new international routes from Toulouse will be to Alicante and Valencia (Spain), Oujda and Tangier (Morocco), Budapest (Hungary), Palermo (Italy), Porto (Portugal) and Luxembourg. The new domestic routes will be to Brest, Lille and Marseille.

From Marseille, Ryanair will offer 13 new international routes to Agadir, Ouarzazate and Essaouira (Morocco); Alicante, Milan Bergamo, Bologna, Naples and Catania (Italy); Copenhagen (Denmark); Manchester (UK); Prague (Czech Republic); Sofia (Bulgaria); and Tel Aviv (Israel). Three new domestic routes will be launched to Strasbourg, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

The carrier’s winter 2019 timetable from Bordeaux will offer 18 new routes to Bari, Bologna, Palermo and Treviso (Italy); Budapest; Copenhagen; Ouarzazate; Oujda; Naples; Prague; Tangier; Cologne (Germany); Dublin (Ireland); Krakow (Poland); Lisbon (Portugal); Malaga (Spain); Manchester; and Nador (Morocco). Five new domestic services will begin to Brest, Lille Marseille, Nantes and Strasbourg.

“Our growth will deliver 1.1 million customers per annum at Bordeaux Airport, 2.4 million customers at Marseille, and 1 million customers at Toulouse, while creating 240 Ryanair jobs across the three bases and supporting over 3,000 ancillary jobs in the regions,” Ryanair CCO David O’Brien said in Bordeaux.

“Ryanair’s decision to add a third aircraft during the first winter of its new base in Bordeaux is extremely encouraging and shows that the first results are already considered positive by the company,” Bordeaux Airport chairman Pascal Personne said, noting that several existing seasonal services would become year-round.

Alan Dron, alandron@adepteditorial.com