FedEx subsidiary TNT Express’ worldwide operations were “significantly affected” by an information system virus, the Memphis-based express cargo company said June 28.

“Like many other companies and institutions around the world, we are experiencing interference with some of our systems within the TNT network,” TNT said in a statement. “Customers may experience delays in the transit of shipments, particularly inter-continental or non-EU European delivery, as we work to remediate our systems.”

A computer virus, reportedly originating from Ukraine, has spread globally since June 27.

The cyber-attack disrupted TNT Express’ operations and communications systems, FedEx said, but no data breach is known to have occurred. FedEx said the rest of its companies, including air cargo carrier FedEx Express, are unaffected and services are operating normally.

TNT Express’ domestic country and regional network services “are largely operational, but slowed,” FedEx said. “We are also experiencing delays in TNT Express inter-continental services.”

“We cannot measure the financial impact of this service disruption at this time, but it could be material,” FedEx said.

FedEx acquired Netherlands-based TNT Express in May 2016.

Mark Nensel