Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, has directed six carriers to cut their winter charter programs because there is not enough aircraft to cover planned flights, the authority said in a statement Dec. 21.

Azur Air has reduced 15% of its charter program volume, while Royal Flight has cut 5% of its charter flights.

In addition, the authority has notified Yakutia Airline, Saratov Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Ikar Airline, which operates under Pegas Fly brand, to reduce their charter programs. The first three carriers must cut 30% of charter services; Pegas Fly, 20%. All airlines also operate scheduled domestic and international flights.

Russian aviation and travel authorities had appointed a group to analyze airline plans, schedules, and possible aircraft turnaround time to prevent significant flight delays. After analyzing the winter travel flights schedule of 15 carriers—including Aeroflot Airline, Red Wings, Ural Airlines and others—it was decided to cut charter services for six carriers. 

According to an authority statement, Russian airlines had applied for 586 international charter flights for the New Year Holiday period. The carriers received approval for 292 flights to main destinations including Italy, Spain, Thailand, China and Israel.

Polina Montag-Girmes