Irish LCC Ryanair has inked its second cabin crew union agreement, recognizing the UK’s Unite the union, where 25% of the airline’s fleet is based.

Earlier in June, Ryanair won its first cabin crew agreement with the ANPAC and ANPAV unions in Italy.

At the time, the Dublin-based LCC said it was making good progress with other cabin crew talks across Europe and further deals would follow in the coming weeks.

Following “extensive negotiations,” Ryanair announced June 11 it had signed an agreement with Unite, which will represent the LCC’s directly employed UK cabin crew.

“This is a further sign of the progress Ryanair is making with trade unions since our December 2017 decision to recognize them. We hope to announce further agreements over the coming weeks, in those countries where unions have approached these negotiations in a practical and positive manner. We are making less progress in some smaller countries where minor issues [such as days off for union officials] are unnecessarily delaying agreements,” Ryanair chief people officer Eddie Wilson said.

Ryanair said it will now work to “conclude an early collective labor agreement (CLA)” for the UK cabin crew represented by Unite.

After years of resisting unionization, the airline’s staff seized a pilot rostering crisis last fall to push for representation, forcing Ryanair to change its stance.

Victoria Moores