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Karen Walker is ATW’s Editor-in-Chief. She had been covering the aerospace industry for almost 30 years. She has specialist knowledge in training, simulation, safety and aeropolitics.

US airline traffic expected to see uptick through Thanksgiving & early 2015 
The number of people expected to travel on US airlines between Nov. 21 and Dec. 2—the Thanksgiving Holiday and busiest US travel period—is expected to increase slightly this year over the previous year, with indications that traffic will remain strong into the 2015 first quarter.
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crashes during flight test 
Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo (SS2) has crashed into the Mojave Desert after experiencing an inflight “anomaly” during the first test of a new hybrid rocket motor at Mojave, California on Oct. 31.
What's New Inside 
Etihad Airways’ first A380 emerged from behind a slowly raised hangar door on a blustery autumn evening at Airbus’ Hamburg facility. Lights and music accompanied the first public glimpse of the Abu Dhabi-based carrier’s new livery, which features gold, sand and brown geometric patterns that Etihad calls “facets of Abu Dhabi.”
Lufthansa exec accuses regulators of not keeping pace with security needs 
Security regulators are not keeping pace with the needs of the air transport industry and are not ready for new challenges such as cyber attacks, according to the head of Lufthansa security.
IATA launches cybersecurity toolkit for air transport industry 
IATA has launched a set of tools that airlines, airports and air traffic management organizations can use to help identify, assess and reduce their chances of a cyber attack.
Air Canada chief challenges governments to share information to prevent another MH17 
The need for greater collaboration and information-sharing over where it is safe to fly was highlighted by the confusion that surrounded an incident in July when a rocket landed close to Tel Aviv airport, the CEO of Air Canada said Monday.
US intelligence chief: Information must be protected 
The head of US intelligence has told the aviation industry that he believes in working jointly with them against security threats, but also warned that protecting intelligence agents and their technologies was essential.
Analysis - Keep Calm
In the world of air transportation, it sometimes seems as if just when the going gets (relatively) good, the bad comes knocking on the door. Outside forces beyond the control of airlines—wars, terrorism, economic crises, disease—can pierce through the thin skin of airline profitability.
Editorial - NDC's Door of Opportunity

A remarkable sea change has occurred with regards to the IATA-led New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard for airline sales distribution.

IATA creates venture capital fund for New Distribution Capability 
IATA has created a venture capital fund to attract and support companies that develop applications and solutions for the IATA-led New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard.
IATA chief: DOT consumer rule is a ‘yesterday solution’ 
IATA CEO and DG Tony Tyler has called the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) proposed Consumer Rule III a “yesterday solution” and warned against regulation that can stifle air travel innovation.
Rendering of 737 MAX in Garuda Indonesia livery
Garuda Indonesia orders 50 Boeing 737 MAX narrowbodies 
Garuda Indonesia has announced an order for 50 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, valued at $4.9 billion at list prices.
Etihad Airways Partners logo
Etihad CEO: Partners program is not a challenge to global alliances 
Etihad Airways’ objective with its new Partners initiative is not to compete with the three global alliances but to link members’ frequent flier programs, synchronize networks and see cost efficiencies, Etihad president and CEO James Hogan told ATW in an exclusive interview Thursday.
Airline CEOs launch Etihad Partners
Etihad forms alliance across six airlines  2
Etihad Airways has launched a new brand that envelops Etihad and five of its partner airlines in a group that will synchronize schedules and frequent flyer benefits in a similar way to the three global alliances.
London Heathrow Terminal 2 entrance
Star Alliance sees huge uptake of self-serve kiosks at new Heathrow terminal 
A large majority of passengers at the new London Heathrow Terminal 2 are already using the self-service kiosks to print boarding passes and baggage tags.

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