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Waste Watch
Oil may be at $50 a barrel, and staying there for now, but airlines are not ready to abandon ambitions to secure alternative sources of jet fuel.
FAA changes Section 333 process to speed UAS approvals 
With 69 exemptions granted, but 771 petitions still in the queue at the end of March, FAA is moving to streamline its process for approving low-risk commercial unmanned-aircraft operations under Section 333 legislation.
CS100 taxi trials
Bombardier to use additional CSeries test aircraft 
The fifth and final test vehicle for the initial CS100 version of Bombardier’s CSeries airliner has begun flying, but additional aircraft will be used in the test program in a bid to meet the target of certification toward the end of the year.
CS300 first flight
Bombardier CSeries 300 takes off on first test flight 
In a sign of the increasing maturity of Bombardier’s CSeries airliner, the first test aircraft for the stretched, 135-seat CS300 variant flew for about five hours on its maiden flight from Mirabel, near Montreal, Feb. 27.
A Singular Argument 
Whether they are being spotted on the approach to a busy airport, dropping on to the White House lawn or crashing while carrying drugs in Tijuana, the issues raised by unmanned aircraft arguably are the most controversial in aviation for decades.
US DOT issues proposed rulemaking for small UAS in commercial airspace 
In a first major step to regulate the use of small unmanned aircraft commercially in US airspace, the US Transportation Department announced Feb. 15 a proposed rulemaking.
Bellemare replaces Beaudoin as Bombardier CEO 
Bombardier has unveiled plans to raise new financing as Pierre Beaudoin steps down to be replaced as president and chief executive officer by outsider Alaine Bellemare, until recently head of United Technologies’ Propulsion & Aerospace business.
Bombardier CSeries FTV1
Bombardier completes more CSeries tests toward certification 
Bombardier has completed flutter, cold-weather and passenger-evacuation testing as CSeries flight tests pass the 900-hour mark en route to the 2,400 hours expected to be required for certification of the initial CS100 version.
Bombardier CSeries flight testing gains momentum 
The first Bombardier CSeries airliner returned to flight Nov. 6 after its wing was repaired and engines were modified.
Added Value 
Greg Morris, head of additive manufacturing strategy for GE Aviation, likes to talk about his Angel Trumpet engine. This tiny gas turbine will never power an aircraft, but previews how 3D printing could be applied throughout a future full-size commercial turbofan.
Personal Air Travel 
Rapid developments in electric vehicles and driverless cars have some in aviation wondering whether the long-awaited age of personal air vehicles and on-demand air taxis is finally on the horizon.
Cathay Pacific biofuel producer to receive US grant 
A biofuel producer that will provide jet fuel to Cathay Pacific Airways is one of three companies to receive funding from the US government as it moves to kick-start large-scale production of drop-in biofuel alternatives for jet and ship fuel for military and commercial customers.
CSeries FTV4 arrives in Wichita
Bombardier CSeries flight test aircraft move to Kansas 
Bombardier has relocated a second CSeries test aircraft to Wichita, Kansa, from Montreal to take advantage of better weather for flight testing as it works to recover from a 100-day grounding following an engine failure during ground tests.
Bombardier CSeries FTV2
Analyst warns of another Bombardier CSeries delay 
Bombardier has resumed flight tests of the CSeries airliner after a hiatus of more than 100 days following an engine failure during ground testing, but an analyst is warning the company may be forced to push back the already-delayed entry into service.

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