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WheelTug touts taxi system’s time savings 
WheelTug has begun work to complete development of its electric taxi system after FAA signed off on its certification plan. Aiming for FAA approval on the Boeing 737NG by late 2018, the company is focusing demonstrating benefits to airlines in time savings during pushback.
How Varied Could Future Aircraft Be? 
Researchers say everything from single-seat electric air taxis to 45-seat supersonic transports is possible.
Airbus Offers Concept To Let Airlines Quickly Change Modular Cabins 
A3 unit's Transpose concept would allow different cabin modules that could include brand-name restaurants, gyms, sleeping bunks or soundproof playrooms.
Amazon Prime Air UAV completes first delivery 
The design of Amazon’s delivery unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV), or drone, has evolved since CEO Jeff Bezos revealed the company’s Prime Air concept in December 2013.
Conceptual modular experience being loaded onto a Transpose-enabled aircraft.
Airbus develops modular cabin for widebodies 
Airbus’s Silicon Valley outpost is developing a modular cabin for widebody freighter aircraft that will provide new types of passenger experience that can generate additional revenue for airlines while making it quicker and easier to change cabins, even between flights.
Cracked fan disk from the engine in question.
Fatigue cracking indicated in American 767 engine failure 
Evidence of fatigue cracking has been discovered in the fractured high-pressure turbine disk from the GE Aviation CF6 engine that suffered an uncontained failure on an American Airlines Boeing 767-300 a week ago.
Uber releases white paper on small aircraft taxi network 
Ridesharing company Uber has unveiled its vision for Uber Elevate, a network of small vertical-lift aircraft that would move passengers across congested cities faster than cars.
Laminar-flow wings shipped to Airbus for A340 demonstrator 
Major components for Europe’s laminar-flow flight demonstrator have been shipped to Airbus for installation on a modified A340-300, which is scheduled to begin flight tests in 2017.
Support grows for aviation emissions agreement despite opposition 
Adoption of a global scheme to offset carbon emissions is the key issue facing the ICAO Assembly in Montreal on Sept. 27-Oct. 7. Industry expects agreement will be reached on the landmark measure, but not without opposition from some countries and several environmental groups.
Analysis: ICAO's Pre-Assembly Emissions Compromise
By allowing countries to ‘volunteer’ for an MBM scheme, ICAO strikes carbon offsetting deal.
ICAO emissions plan ‘not enough', environmentalists say 
Political compromises made to achieve consensus on a global carbon-offsetting scheme for international aviation will leave a “gaping hole” in the Paris Agreement to limit the impact of greenhouse-gas emissions on climate change, a coalition of environmental groups say.
Lufthansa signs five-year deal for sustainable ATJ fuel 
sustainable alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) fuel over five years from Gevo, a commitment that allows the renewable chemicals and fuels producer to seek investment to build a commercial-scale refinery.
Europe commits to ICAO’s global carbon-offset program 
The 28-member EU and 16 other European countries have committed to joining ICAO’s global carbon-offsetting program from its outset in 2021.
China, Europe & US in historic accord on aviation emissions 
China, Europe and the US have pledged to join the initial voluntary phases of the carbon-offsetting scheme designed to help international aviation achieve its goal of carbon-neutral growth after 2020
Revised text agreed for aviation carbon offset scheme 
Participation in a carbon-offsetting scheme being developed to help aviation achieve carbon-neutral growth initially will be voluntary for states under the proposed text of a resolution to be presented for approval by the ICAO Assembly in October.
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