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Group sees gap in global emissions plan 
An environmental group is warning that the international aviation community’s draft plan to meet its goal of carbon-neutral growth might not slow emissions as much as expected.
The first CSeries to go into operation recently entered service with SWISS.
Bombardier losses on key CSeries sales total $492 million
Bombardier took a $492 million hit in its second-quarter financials because of deep discounts in CSeries aircraft deals with three airlines, the Canadian company said Friday.
FAA launches drone safety data initiative
FAA is chartering an Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team (UAST) to address issues raised by growing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations.
Airbus pursues autonomous air taxi research project
Airbus Group has provided a glimpse into its research on air taxis as a solution for growing surface-transport gridlock in the world’s largest cities.
Short-term FAA bill includes UAV detection, mitigation 
The short-term congressional bill extending FAA funding to the end of September 2017 directs the agency to continue opening US airspace to unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs).
First CSeries aircraft is delivered to SWISS  2
Bombardier delivered the first CSeries aircraft to Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), at ceremonies in Montreal Wednesday.
Bombardier CSeries relaunch on track following Quebec agreement 
The elements of Bombardier’s relaunch of the CSeries program are falling into place as the Canadian manufacturer prepares to deliver the first aircraft to launch customer Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) June 29.
Will airliners always look the way they do today? NASA thinks not, and the US research agency has bold plans to return to the heydays of X-planes.
Rendering of CS100 in Delta livery
Delta orders 75 Bombardier CS100s in ‘watershed’ deal for CSeries  5
Delta Air Lines has placed a firm order for 75 Bombardier CS100s, becoming the US launch customer for the aircraft in a deal that is highly significant for the Canadian-made narrowbody. The order immediately makes Atlanta-based Delta the world’s largest CSeries customer.
Curb Drive  1
Since distant Montreal-Mirabel Airport closed to passenger traffic in 2004, close-in Montreal-Trudeau has seen steady growth, particularly in international traffic.
Rendering of 777X
Boeing names Textron as 777X flight simulator provider 
Boeing has selected Textron’s TRU Simulation + Training to provide a suite of training devices for the 777X, to be deployed at the aircraft manufacturer’s training centers.
Big Bang Plane Theory 
The trajectory of supersonic travel has been downward in recent decades. But now entrepreneurs and startups see an opportunity to disrupt the market with small high-speed aircraft.
Super Charged 
The trajectory of supersonic travel has been downward in recent decades. But now entrepreneurs and startups see an opportunity to disrupt the market with small high-speed aircraft.
Green Pipelines 
When it comes to biofuels, more is better for the airlines: more sources of biomass, more pathways to convert feedstock to fuel, and more volume.
Boom rendering
Branson’s Virgin to back supersonic jet startup  2
Richard Branson’s Virgin empire is now involved with a Silicon Valley-backed startup that wants to develop a small supersonic airliner.
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