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CSeries FTV4 arrives in Wichita
Bombardier CSeries flight test aircraft move to Kansas
Bombardier has relocated a second CSeries test aircraft to Wichita, Kansa, from Montreal to take advantage of better weather for flight testing as it works to recover from a 100-day grounding following an engine failure during ground tests.
Bombardier CSeries FTV2
Analyst warns of another Bombardier CSeries delay
Bombardier has resumed flight tests of the CSeries airliner after a hiatus of more than 100 days following an engine failure during ground testing, but an analyst is warning the company may be forced to push back the already-delayed entry into service.
Bombardier CSeries 100
Bombardier prepares to resume CSeries flight tests
Bombardier will restart CSeries flight testing and remains confident the initial 110-seat CS100 will still enter service in the second half of 2015 despite a halt of more than three months after an engine failure during ground testing.
Bombardier CSeries 100
Management shakeup continues at Bombardier 
Bombardier has replaced its head of marketing for commercial aircraft, including the slow-selling and still-grounded CSeries airliner, as it continues a corporate restructuring and downsizing.
Bombardier CSeries flight test aircraft FTV1
CSeries engine had problems prior to failure, Bombardier tells analysts 
The Pratt & Whitney PW1500G geared turbofan (GTF) engine that malfunctioned on Bombardier CSeries flight test aircraft FTV1 had been having problems and was repaired just before the low-pressure turbine failed during ground tests, Bombardier executives have told analysts from UBS.
UTC CFO: Pratt & Whitney isolates cause of CSeries engine failure 
Pratt & Whitney has made a preliminary determination of the root cause of the PW1500G geared-turbofan engine failure during ground tests on a CSeries and is working with Bombardier “on a plan to resume testing in the next few weeks.”
Biofuel Boost 
Aviation biofuels is a sector moving at two speeds: quickly on the technical side of developing and approving new fuels, but slowly on the commercial side of scaling up production and reducing cost.
Textron creates flight training company 
Textron has formed a company focused on the flight simulator and training market after last year’s acquisitions of two manufacturers of flight training devices.
Bombardier touts 50-pax Q400 combi 
Bombardier is marketing a 50-seat passenger/cargo combi version of the Q400 turboprop as it strives to extend the production life of its regional aircraft through the transition to full-rate output of the CSeries narrowbody aircraft.
Bombardier confident in CSeries performance; chases sales 
Early Bombardier CSeries flight-test results are supporting performance predictions, giving the Canadian manufacturer confidence in its projections for the all-new narrowbody airliner, the company’s head of aerospace said Thursday.
Research program shows viability of open-rotor powered narrowbodies 
Airbus has determined that an open-rotor-powered A320-class airliner is technically feasible. The next steps are to prove the concept is economically viable, then to demonstrate the propulsion system in flight, which is planned under Europe’s Clean Sky 2 public-private research program.
Russia models aviation research on US, European programs 
Russia is taking lessons from NASA's aeronautics and Europe's Clean Sky programs in structuring its new civil aviation research effort, to begin in 2016.
Fast Forward 
Will airliners always look the same as they do today? The answer is taking shape in research centers in Europe and the US, but will depend on when Airbus and Boeing begin designing their next generation of all-new aircraft.
FAA chief: Production scale is still the biofuels challenge 
Commercialization remains the biggest challenge to achieving the FAA's target of 1 billion gallons of renewable aviation fuel use by 2018, says administrator Michael Huerta.
Boeing: Deserts could become sources of biofuel 
Deserts could become sources of biofuel based on research conducted by Boeing and partners in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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