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Cargo air vehicle (CAV) rendering
Boeing HorizonX flies unmanned electric cargo prototype 
Boeing HorizonX, which the manufacturer set up to pursue potentially disruptive ideas inside as well as outside the company, has flown a prototype electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) unmanned cargo aircraft.
FAA collision study: Drones more dangerous than birds 
Drone collisions with aircraft will cause more impact damage than a bird strike of equivalent size and speed, concludes a study conducted for the FAA.
DOT to establish pilot program to shape local UAV regulations 
The airline industry has broadly welcomed US President Donald Trump’s decision to launch a pilot program engaging state and local governments in the development of federal regulations for unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) operations, which seeks to balance local and national concerns.
Supersonic airliner advocates push for new boom standards 
Industry believes supersonic air travel will not return until technology can mute sonic booms sufficiently to allow high-speed flight over land.
CSeries US import duties would rise to 300% in new Commerce proposal 
The US government’s duty on imported Bombardier CSeries airliners would increase to almost 300% after a second ruling issued by the US Commerce Department Friday.
Zunum is looking to begin flight tests of a 12-seat aircraft in 2019.
Boeing, JetBlue-backed Zunum plans 12-seat regional aircraft launch 
US startup Zunum Aero plans to launch a 12-passenger regional airliner with hybrid-electric propulsion with venture-capital backing from Boeing and New York-based JetBlue Airways.
Rendering of CS100 in Delta Air Lines’ livery
Delta faces 220% duty on CSeries after US Commerce subsidy ruling 
The US will impose a duty of almost 220% on Bombardier CSeries imports if a parallel price-dumping investigation finds subsidies on the narrowbody jet ordered by Delta Air Lines in April 2016 threaten to materially damage Boeing. The duty is expected to be in place before deliveries to Delta begin in April.
SWISS ramps up CSeries London City services 
The first airliner designed for operation at London City Airport, Bombardier’s CSeries, is delivering on its promises, says Swiss International Air Lines.
A3's Altiscope simulates future of air traffic management 
The project will evaluate how traditional aircraft will share the airspace with different vehicles including delivery drones and autonomous air taxis.
China cause of small jet market growth projections dip 
Bombardier continues to project strong growth in the large regional jet and small single-aisle airliner markets despite a slight decline in its 20-year commercial-aircraft forecast as a result of expected slower economic growth in China.
Bombardier to move Q400 production; launch new CRJ cabin 
Boosted by new orders for its Q400, Bombardier has dusted off plans to move production of the cockpit and wing for the regional turboprop from Toronto to lower-cost locations outside Canada.
Bombardier CSeries aircraft
Brazil asks WTO for Bombardier CSeries support ruling 
Brazil has asked the Word Trade Organization (WTO) to rule whether Canadian federal and provincial government support for Bombardier’s CSeries constitute illegal subsidies.
NASA’s plan to fly a low-boom X-plane in 2021
Boom urges early US supersonic standard 
Supersonic-airliner startup Boom Technology believes sufficient research has been conducted for FAA to set a reasonable sonic boom standard that would allow civil supersonic flight over US land within a few years.
Airbus Perlan glider to make high-altitude record bid 
The Perlan 2 stratospheric glider, an Airbus-sponsored mission, has arrived in Argentina as the Airbus Perlan Mission II team bids to set a new altitude record for sailplanes.
US District Court strikes down FAA recreational drone registry 
In December 2015, FAA introduced a hurriedly conceived, small-unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) Registration Rule ahead of an expected Christmas surge in drone sales.
Blogs & Commentary
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