Ryanair has opened bases at Eindhoven, Krakow and Zadar, bringing its total European network to 54 bases. Three more bases are set to open at the end of the month in Chania, Greece, Fez and Marrakech, Morocco.

Zadar is Ryanair’s first Croatian base with one-based aircraft and 17 cities served. The airline has invested $85 million in Zadar and plans to employ 300 workers.

Eindoven is Ryanair’s second Dutch bases after Maastricht. The airline invested $85 million in the airport and plans to employ 1,700 people. It will offer service to 31 cities from Eindhoven.

Ryanair spent $170 million in Krakow and will offer 31 routes from the Polish city. It expects to employ 1,600 people.