The South African Civil Aviation Authority has approved new Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required (RNP AR) procedures at Cape Town International Airport for South African Airways (SAA).

The procedures have been designed by SAA, SACAA and Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) in close cooperation with Quovadis, an Airbus ProSky company.

The procedures have been customized to SAA's operations, and will help reduce flight time and fuel burn on approach and departure. The RNP AR flight tracks have been derived from existing visual tracks in and out of Cape Town, and allow shorter tracks to be flown even in Instrument Meteorological Conditions. Combining the RNP AR procedures with Continuous Descent Operations will further reduce fuel burn on the approach.

Additional benefits include RNP 0.3, providing lower approach minima; and new RNP AR Engine Out Standard Instrument Departures providing a fully guided and protected track in the event of an engine failure at takeoff.

The approval constitutes a first for RNP AR on the African continent, and paves the way for development of further RNP AR procedures in Africa.