Textron subsidiary TRU Simulation + Training will provide a Boeing 777-9 full flight simulator (FFS) and two other flight training devices to Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific Airways, TRU announced Sept. 4.

Under the agreement, TRU will supply the Boeing 777-9 FFS, an Airbus A320neo FFS, and a 777-9 flight training device. The training company, based in Goose Creek, South Carolina, did not specify delivery dates.

Boeing selected TRU as the exclusive simulator supplier for the 777-9 program in 2016, then placed orders for two 777-9 FFS for its training centers in Singapore and near Gatwick Airport in the UK. Those devices are currently in development at TRU’s Montreal facility.

“TRU’s flight training simulator development program is actively being completed in parallel and close collaboration with Boeing as it works toward the 777-9 aircraft’s entry into service,” TRU said.

Under pressure to develop and certify a software fix to return its grounded 737 MAX fleet to service, Boeing has delayed deliveries of the new 777-9, likely to late 2020.

Cathay Pacific announced an order for 21 777-9s as part of a fleet modernization program in December 2013, with the expectation of deliveries being made between 2021-24.

“More than 60 new aircraft will be joining our fleet over the next five years and having full flight simulators that are capable of fully replicating the actual aircraft on the ground will be essential in training and qualifying pilots to fly them,” Cathay Pacific head of simulation John McCormick said.

Bill Carey, bill.carey@aviationweek.com