Singapore Airlines (SIA) will inspect four Airbus A380s following proposed airworthiness directives (ADs) published July 5 by Airbus and EASA. 

The AD calls for detailed checks for cracks on the A380 wing outer rear spars, from the 25 oldest wing sets, and requires detailed inspections of the affected areas, using phased-array ultrasonic testing methods for the external wing box and ultrasonic testing methods for the internal wing box.

“We are aware of the proposed AD from EASA regarding the inspection of outer rear spars of the wings of some A380 aircraft. Four of our A380s will require inspections,” a SIA spokesperson said. “The safety of our customers and crew is of utmost priority, and we will ensure that we are in full compliance with the inspection requirements. At this point, we are unable to share details on how long the inspection will take.”

SIA is the world’s first operator of the very large aircraft and it is likely that four oldest of the 19 A380s in the carrier’s fleet are affected, aged 8.9 years to 10.47 years. Most of these A380s fly the Singapore-Frankfurt-New York route, as well as Singapore-Beijing, London and Paris service.

Chen Chuanren,