Frontier Airlines is in the process of implementing e-mobility across its maintenance group. To do this, it started rolling out the iPads in October 2018 and has finished its first full maintenance station at Phoenix, Frontier maintenance director Jim Mach said at Aviation Week’s 2019 MRO Americas Conference.

He says Frontier is now rolling out the iPads for its maintenance base in Denver, followed by other stations.

Denver-based ultra-LCC Frontier originally planned the roll-out to take six months, but Mach said it is more likely to take 9-12 months because of cost overruns and rolling out the project in pieces. “We’re hoping to have it done in June or July,” he said.

The iPads will include three Trax modules initially: QuickTurn for gate activity; Task Control and Line Control. Mach said Frontier is interested in four other modules, which it could add later.

He said the maintenance workforce is adapting to the technology extremely well for the most part.

In related news, United Airlines, which deployed 6,500 iPads to its maintenance staff from 2017-18, is working on the second phase of the project, United VP-maintenance operations Don Wright said. The next step will include adding a resource management tool. Chicago-based United hopes to have that functionality rolled out by the end of this year.

Lee Ann Shay,