AFI KLM E&M won a contract from Turkey’s Corendon Airlines to provide engine maintenance services for its CFM56-7s. The contract includes two service types; core performance restoration, a maintenance procedure between a complete overhaul and on-wing maintenance, and life cycle parts replacement, the replacement of used engine parts after a given number of cycles.

The first engine has already been overhauled in Amsterdam. Three more are scheduled for this year and an additional five by 2015.

“When we remove an engine to send it to our engine shop, we can immediately offer our customer the use of a spare engine,” KLM E&M VP sales international Rob Pruim said. “Thanks to that replacement, when we carried out our first engine check, the Corendon aircraft was grounded for less than 24 hours.”
The Turkish carrier operates a fleet of 10 Boeing 737s, five 737-800s, two 737-400s and one 737-300.