Bombardier Aerospace has completed the first full powering-on of the main electrical distribution system on the first CSeries flight test vehicle (FTV1). Additionally, Bombardier confirmed it has concluded the wing down-bending static test on the Complete Airframe Static Test (CAST) article at the company's Saint-Laurent, Quebec facility.

“Together with the wing up-bending static test that was completed earlier in March 2013, the two most significant wing static tests required for first flight are now complete,” Bombardier said in a statement.

“Aircraft 0”—the on-the-ground ground integrated systems test rig for the CSeries aircraft—is currently undergoing safety-of-flight tests.

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft VP and GM-CSeries Rob Dewar said all sub-systems can now be powered-on and the avionics suite can now be tested. He also said the completion of the CAST testing allows progression to the next experimental phase. “These are all important activities that will lead to the CSeries aircraft's safety-of-flight permit,” he said.