ATR is targeting customers operating out of space-constrained airports with the formal launch of a STOL (short takeoff and landing) version of the ATR 42-600, for which it has secured 20 commitments. The Toulouse-Blagnac headquartered manufacturer hopes the type will expand its addressable market by 25%. 

ATR CEO Stefano Bortoli said the board of directors approved the ATR 42-600S, which offers takeoff and landing capabilities on runways as short as 800m (2,625 ft.) with up to 42 passengers on board, making it the best performing aircraft in this segment.

The new variant does not replace the existing ATR 42-600, Bortoli said at an Oct. 9 press conference as part of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) General Assembly.

The Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer said close to 500 airports have runways between 800m-1,000m and could welcome the ATR 42-600S. 

ATR had already secured 20 commitments from operators and lessors including one for 10 of the aircraft from Elix Aviation Capital, and one for two aircraft from Air Tahiti, revealed at the Paris Air Show in June.

ATR expects certification to take place in the second half of 2022, with the first delivery to come immediately after. 

The 42-600S will have a larger rudder for increased control of the aircraft at lower speed and will be able to symmetrically deploy its spoilers to improve braking efficiency on landing. The type will come with an autobrake system to ensure that the full braking power occurs immediately upon landing.

“Adding the ATR 42-600S to the family paves the way for the company’s future,” ATR said.

Helen Massy-Beresford,