Singapore Airlines has signed with Panasonic Avionics to become the first airline to introduce a mobile app that personalizes a passenger’s journey end-to-end.

Panasonic announced the deal this week at the APEX Expo in Portland, Oregon. The Companion app is an intelligent, personalized mobile application that is integrated with the airline’s IFE and connectivity systems.

Singapore Airlines has selected to deliver Companion app via its own app and the functions will integrate with the carrier’s Krisworld IFE onboard product.

Timings and fleet roll-out specifics have not been revealed, but Singapore Airlines is expected make a separate announcement with more details on when the app will become available and how it will be used.

“We believe personalization will be the one of the key trends in the inflight experience going forward,” Panasonic Avionics president and CEO Paul Margis said.

Companion app was on display at Panasonic’s booth at APEX and being demonstrated to a host of airlines.

Passengers can use the app ahead of their travel to see what movies and other entertainment will be available on their specific flights, create play lists, and even see ratings from other passengers. They can also view the in-flight magazine, duty-free options and meal choices. Flight details and destination information will also be available.

Once onboard, passengers synchronize their mobile device to their seat-back IFE system and any pre-choices they made are downloaded. The app also lets passengers control their entertainment experience directly from their own personal electronic device.

Companion App also creates a second screen on which they can review the entire in-flight entertainment library and get updates on flight progress.

“This is the first mobile app to span the entire travel experience,” Panasonic executive director, corporate sales and product management, Neil James said during a media briefing at APEX.