Biofuel supplier SkyNRG has introduced a program enabling corporations to reduce emissions from their business air travel by contributing to development of a production facility for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to be built in the Netherlands.

Financial consultants PwC and travel agency Skyscanner have signed as launch members of the Board Now program. “Organizations that join Board Now, commit themselves for a period of five years to the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel,” said SkyNRG, which will use the investments “to cover the price difference between sustainable aviation fuel and conventional jet fuel.”

In May, Dutch carrier KLM—a founding shareholder in SkyNRG—committed to purchasing 75,000 metric tons (2.4 million gal) of SAF a year for 10 years from the DSL-01 plant planned in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. To be operational in 2022, the SkyNRG-owned plant will be the first dedicated SAF production facility in Europe.

The DSL-01 plant will produce 100,000 metric tons a year of HEFA (hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids) aviation biofuel from waste and residue feedstocks such as used cooking oil. The facility will run on sustainable hydrogen, produced using water and wind energy, SkyNRG said.

The result will be a decrease in life-cycle CO2 emissions of at least 85% compared with fossil fuels, the company said. DSL-01 will use Haldor Topsoe’s HydroFlex hydroprocessing technology and, in addition to SAF, will also produce bioLPG liquified petroleum gas and naptha as byproducts.

Graham Warwick