Aeroflot A330-300. Courtesy, Airbus

Russian and Belarusian aviation authorities on Monday will renegotiate amendments to their bilateral agreement after Belarusian authorities insisted the document that was signed several days ago was not coordinated properly (ATW Daily News, April 4).

After previous negotiations, the Russian Ministry of Transport had said the rules and number of frequencies previously approved were to remain in effect through May 10 when the two sides would make changes.

However, Belarus authorities insist on an equal number of frequencies for both sides on Moscow-Minsk (MSQ) route and on Thursday sent a demand for Russian authorities to stop one out of five daily Moscow-MSQ flights from April 13. Russian authorities would not agree to this demand and threatened to stop Belarusian flights from MSQ to Russian regions.

Belavia Belarusian Airlines (B2) deputy CEO Igor Cherginets told RIA Novosti Friday that if Russia forbids B2 to operate regional flights, Belarusian authorities will insist on two daily frequencies for Moscow-MSQ route for airlines of the both countries.

A B2 spokesman said that Aeroflot’s (SU) number of frequencies should be cut as the largest Russian carrier is lobbying to ban B2 operations to Russian regions.

Last month the dispute on the number of frequencies on the Moscow-MSQ route nearly stopped flights between the countries (ATW Daily News, March 28). B2 operates four flights a day between the cities while SU had permission for three flights per day, and UTair for one flight. Several months ago, S7 Airlines received rights for one flight per day, starting from March 26.