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US Air Carrier System Traffic Statistics: 2014

ATW Plus

US air carrier traffic statistics for 2014 (excludes all-cargo services; includes domestic and international). 

Data culled from 119 US and foreign carriers serving the US domestic market in 2014.

SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, T-100 Market and Segment.

OperationScheduled 2014Non-Scheduled 2014Total 2014Scheduled 2013Non-Scheduled 2013Total 2013Scheduled % chg. YOYNon-Scheduled % chg. YOYTotal % chg. YOY
Revenue Passenger Enplanements (000)762,0975,313767,410743,1705,367748,5372.5-1.02.5
Revenue Passenger Miles (000)862,054,2657,027,056869,081,321840,432,2707,567,530847,999,8002.6-7.12.5
Available Seat Miles (000)1,033,820,87013,321,8151,047,142,6851,011,166,99014,447,4931,025,614,4832.2-7.82.1
Passenger Load Factor (%)83.3952.758383.1252.3882.68+0.27 pts+0.37 pts +0.32 pts
Revenue Freight Ton Miles (000)6,806,153285,8037,091,9566,376,363264,5626,640,9256.78.06.8
Total Revenue Ton Miles (000)93,836,364988,53594,824,89991,198,1331,021,40792,219,5402.9-3.22.8
Available Ton Miles (000)145,910,4753,095,512149,005,987142,715,5862,818,812145,534,3982.29.82.4
Ton Mile Load Factor (%)64.3131.9363.6463.936.2463.37+0.41 pts-4.31 pts +0.27 pts
Revenue Departures Performed8,951,402173,9539,125,3559,170,980165,2459,336,225-2.45.3-2.3
Revenue Aircraft Miles Flown (000)7,064,54574,6137,139,1587,056,06277,8567,133,9180.1-4.20.1
Revenue Aircraft Hours (Airborne)16,479,823215,49016,695,31316,541,801218,15716,759,958-0.4-1.2-0.4

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