Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines has introduced its Airbus A321neo cabin products ahead of the startup carrier’s launch in January 2020.

The full-service carrier has selected BMW’s Designworks Studio for its economy- and business-class products on the Airbus narrowbody. It will have eight business-class seats in a 2-2 configuration, which can be lowered into an 82-in. lie-flat bed, with a 15.6-in. 1,080-pixel IFE system screen.

In economy, there will be 180 seats in a 3-3 layout with a 10.1-in. 720-pixel screen, USB and earphone ports. The airline will also provide free Wi-Fi with basic access.

Both cabins took on hues of dark grey and rose gold to represent the galaxy, a juxtaposition of the airline’s namesake.

Local fashion designer Sean Yin also designed the uniform with elements from the 1940s and ‘50s, with “space-age accents” such as gold and silver tones.

The airline also introduced an exclusive fragrance for the cabin that is described to have “notes of wood and leather with iris and violets.”

“Smells can be an indelible part of our memories. A certain aroma can remind you of a specific place and time. We tried to develop a fragrance that could evoke the pleasant feeling of flying with Starlux,” Seven Perfume Company said.

Chen Chuanren, chuanren@purplelightvisuals.com