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What? No votes for Alec Baldwin?


The Season to be Jolly must be upon us, because this press release was issued revealing results from a poll asking travelers which celebrity would they most like to have sit next to them on their flight.

Travel search site company Skyscanner also asked passengers who they would most like to perform inflight announcements, who they'd like to see do the safety demo, and who should be the flight's chef.

The choices are distinctly European/British biased (Skyscanner is based in Edinburgh, Scotland). Still, Barack Obama makes it into the top three of companion passenger choices and actor Morgan Freeman is the no. 1 pick for PA announcements. British trendy chef Jamie Oliver is the top choice for the inflight menu (a man with a lot of free time on his hands if he was working a US carrier).

But perhaps the biggest surprise is actor Stephen Fry as the celebrity most people wanted to fly with. Note to Alec Baldwin -- charm, good manners and an impeccable English accent bests Hollywood status when it comes to sharing a middle seat armrest.

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