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A question of scale

Sometimes it takes just one small comment to put things into perspective. For me, that comment came during Emirates’ full-year results call.

We all know Emirates is big. It operates 231 aircraft. It is the world’s largest A380 operator, with a whopping 60 in its fleet, and is Boeing’s biggest 777 customer. That sort of size is hard to imagine.

However, during a recent conference call, Emirates Group chairman and CEO Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said his carrier received 24 new aircraft in 2014-15, including 12 Airbus A380s, 10 Boeing 777-300ERs and two 777Fs. Then he put that figure in context: “Every year, we add capacity which is equivalent to the entire fleet of some of the world’s airlines.”

That throwaway line helped me mentally grasp how huge Emirates is, especially considering the relative small scale of some of Europe’s “middle seat” airlines, which aren’t big enough to be in the big league, but aren’t regionals either. These are the airlines that are sat patiently on the sidelines, waiting for a dance partner that may never come.

In fact, Emirates phased out 10 aircraft during the year, which is more than some airlines could ever hope to operate. In the coming year, it will take another 28.

The Emirates brand is valued at $6.6 billion dollars, which it claims makes it the most valuable airline brand in the world.

Another random fact which came out during that call was that Emirates’s Kuwait service is the world’s shortest commercial A380 route. I tucked that nugget of information away. It may come in handy for an aviation quiz, or for conference small talk.

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