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The problem with today’s air passengers, defined by Louis C.K.


If you haven’t seen this clip of comedian Louis C.K. on the Conan show, then you will enjoy and relate it to something you see almost every time you fly or hear any time someone tells you about their flight.

I came across it today at the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, where it was shown by one of the speakers, frog creative director David Cleaves.

Frog is an interesting company and David raised some intriguing ideas about how airlines might make passengers behave more cordially, to the benefit of everyone onboard. Frog designed the MagicBand for Disney that I wrote about in this blog last fall.

I will be writing more on David’s presentation and his company.

For now, thanks to David, let Louis C.K. put some perspective on the much under-appreciated miracle of flying.

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