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Is Lego a clever or grating idea for an inflight safety video?


Turkish Airlines has released its new safety video and it’s been done in collaboration with Lego. It’s certainly cute, but does it do the job?

According to Turkish’s PR, the video is a small part of the cameo the airline makes in the latest Lego movie.  There’s a Lego plane, Lego characters, Lego baggage, life vests and seatback IFE systems. Even Lego oxygen masks.

Children and Lego fans of all ages will love it. It makes the safety instructions clear. But is it too cute? It probably will do a very good job of catching the attention of people who don’t fly often—a good mission for an airline safety video. But it seems also like one of those videos that will quickly grate on regular business travelers. Especially as it includes a “happy” song that it admits will get stuck in your head.

Judge for yourself and see the video here.

The British Airways video uses humor to get people’s attention and is certainly creative; a “sequel” was released this summer after last year’s video was warmly received. In each video, British actors and comedians “audition” for a part in the video. In the new version, the “director” (actor Asim Chaudhry) even notes that what these BAFTA- and Oscar-winning stars really want is to win a SISTA – a Society of Inflight Safety Training Award. Michael Caine and Joanna Lumley feature in the new video.

The BA videos are entertaining and funny in that unique British-humor way. But they are also long--clocking in at about six minutes each—and I’ve heard some people say that the humor doesn’t always work with BA’s non-British customers. Personally, however, I’d be able to watch the BA videos many more times than the Turkish one.

Take a look at the original BA video here and the sequel here.

For my money, however, simple is still better. That’s why I like the current Delta Air Lines video, which has a bit of eye-catching appeal in that the different presenters are dressed in flight crew uniforms through Delta’s history. There’s a few doozies in there, most especially the uniform worn by a poor Asian lady who appears to be wearing a tablecloth and a giant white acorn on her head (my guess is that this was a Northwest Airlines uniform). But mostly, this is a straightforward video and easier on the senses if you end up watching it multiple times. And it has the added bonus of making Delta’s current uniform look the most sophisticated. You can see it here.

Karen Walker karen.walker@informa.com

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