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Family Portrait: The Lockheed Perspective


From Lockheed Burbank

Around 1952

Caption: And Still They Grow: How transport aircraft have grown in 18 years is illustrated in this “family portrait” released by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation today, April 29, showing six models, ranging from old to new, of principal Lockheed airliners when all were in reunion at their home airport at Burbank, California. Since days of 1934 Electra, 1937 Model 12 and 1939 Lodestar (small planes, left to right), capacities have increased from 12 passengers to about 50 to 100 in modern Constellation types (two front ships) and 180 in Navy’s double-deck Constitution (rear). Speeds have advanced from 200 mph to 400 mph, with 450 mph predicted for Super Constellations (nearest camera) when equipped with turboprop engines. Total weights are up from 10,5000 lb. for the Electra to 184,000 lb. for the Constitution. Constellation series has been stretched from 86,250 lb. to 130,000 lb, with further stretch to 150,000 lb. foreseen. From smallest to largest, usrful load has increased by 17 times, total engine power by 15 times. Since 1934, basic airline fares have held lower or about the same as airliners become more efficient and more economical. Lockheed predicts both economy and speed records will be set by the 113 1/2-foot-long Super Constellation, and 18-foot-longer version of its companion Constellation alongside. Super Constellation backlog approximates one-quarter billion dollars (correct) in order from US military services and 11 domestic and international airlines.

For a great Connie startup video, see this link.

To view a long but fun video of a Connie startup and takeoff at Bern, see this link.



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