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Disjointed MPC-75


The MPC-75, dubbed the regional transport aircraft of the future at the end of the 1980s, was never produced. It was named after its developers, MBB of the Airbus consortium and CATIC of China. It was aimed at the regional jet market and was announced at the same time of the EIS of the Airbus A320.  It began as a four-abreast, 75-seat, open rotor prop fan design, and changed in 1989 to a five-abreast, 89-seat turbofan aircraft, of which an artist's rendering is shown here.

After the restructuring of German aerospace companies in 1989, MBB was merged into Deutsche Aerospace (DASA) along with Deutsche Airbus and others. Fokker and DASA developed and took over the MPC-75 project and renamed it the Regioliner.  (MBB built major fuselage sections of the Fokker 100.) By 1992, the MPC-75 was seen as a substitute for the Fokker 100 and was also called the FASA, or the Future Advanced Small Airliner.

With indecision on design, industry restructuring and political disagreements within DASA—along with Fokker’s bankruptcy in 1996 and the development by Airbus of the A319—the MPC-75 project didn’t stand a chance of production.

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