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4,000 mph Cruise


I found some old photos of supersonic and hypersonic transport designs. I cannot identify them all, but I find every one intriguing. The engineers must have loved these concepts! I cannot imagine the takeoff and landing, or even the adding of people to some of these equations.

Some of these are identified with captions, which I will share with you. Others are just mysteries. If you have anything to share with me on these, please do so!

The first is a Lockheed offering on Oct. 26, 1977. The Burbank, California-based company captioned the photo:

Cruising at 4,000 mph—Artist’s concept shows a passenger airliner of the future capable of flying 5,750 statute miles at hypersonic cruise speeds of about 4,000 mph.  Lockheed-California is developing a design concept for such an aircraft under a National Aeronautics and Space Administration study contract. The concept will include a dual propulsion system with both conventional turbojet engines and supersonic combustion ram (SCRAM) jet engines fueled by liquid hydrogen. The turbojets would be used for takeoff, landing and to accelerate to a speed at which the SCRAM jet operates. The SCRAM jets would boost the aircraft to cruise speed. Such an airliner could fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 2 hours, 18 minutes, carrying 200 passengers. The time includes subsonic climb and approaches to comply with airport noise regulations.

For more SST and HST pics, please see my Time Capsule Photo Gallery

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