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ATW's Eco-Aviation Conference

May 3rd - 5th, 2011

Past Event:


Event Location: Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, VA.

ATW's 4th Annual Eco-Aviation Conference looked at the strategies and technologies being implemented by the air transport industry as it strives to create a greener, sustainable future for itself and the planet.

ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference was the first and still is the only conference in North America devoted to addressing a broad cross section of topics arising from commercial aviation’s impact on the environment. This year's program featured a more open format to encourage more dialogue between the panelists and greater opportunities for audience participation.

This two-day event focused on the rising public concern over global warming and the impact that continued growth of commercial aviation will have on climate change in the future.

Panels addressed:

Emerging global standards: The air transport industry has adopted a three-stage path to a greener future through 2050. How does this fit within the ICAO framework and the goals of the UNFCCC? Is a global cap-and-trade system actually workable? Can regional solutions be accommodated within a global framework?

Technology: Aircraft and airframe technology improvements are the first leg of the three-legged stool upon which environmental progress is built. How far can technical advances push the industry toward its goals? What are the key opportunities and challenges to be overcome? Given the long refleeting cycles, how soon will improvements in tomorrow's technology affect today's operators?

The Science of Biofuels: The development and widespread introduction of aviation biofuels is seen as a crucial second leg toward meeting industry green targets. Tests have shown they work as well or better than conventional fuels. Now the challenge is bringing them to market in sufficient quantities and cost to make them a viable alternative to kerojet.

Operations and Air Traffic Management: The third leg of the stool rests on efficiency improvements in operations and air traffic management. NextGen, RNP and 4D approach trajectories will all improve airline efficiency. The industry has shown they work; the challenge is to make them ubiquitous in daily operations.

Powering a Greener Future: With two new engines about to enter service on the 787 and two more major development programs underway on single aisle platforms, the future is rapidly becoming the present. What are the efficiency and environmental benefits that can be expected? What's next on the horizon for aero engines?

Not in My Back Yard? What's good for the planet may not be seen that way by local communities if they are negatively affected by increased noise and aviation-related activity. Engaging the local community is crucial.

The Real Financial Impact of Higher Fuel and Higher Taxes: Unrest in the Middle East and cash-strapped governments looking for new revenue streams makes for a potent 1-2 punch facing the airline industry this year.


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