On the Cover

16  In with the new
Ed Bastian takes the captain’s seat at Delta Air Lines as the company continues its ascent.
By Aaron Karp


21   Attitude Adjustment
With tremendous growth in traffic expected over the next 20 years, the passenger experience needs to be vastly improved. Airlines are looking to create a smarter, smoother experience for travelers.
By Victoria Moores

30  Intelligent Aviation
Natural language processing and intelligent assistants will aid airlines and aviation companies in completing complex tasks.
By Henry Canaday

32  Fighting On
Norwegian’s transatlantic growth plan has been stymied by opponents and red tape, but the company is  optimistic about low-cost long-haul.
By Victoria Moores

34  X-Rated
NASA will test five X-planes under its New Aviation Horizon program to study low-boom supersonic and  ultra-efficient subsonic flight.
By Graham Warwick

38  Less Liberal?
Some fear US Open Skies policy is in danger of being rolled back.
By Madhu Unnikrishnan and Karen Walker


5    Editorial
Queue Pain
By Karen Walker

9    News Briefs

14  Analysis
Backwards Step
After years of progress toward smarter security, TSA declares long lines unavoidable.
By Aaron Karp

41  Trends

47  Interview
Opportunity Seeker
Stephen Kavanagh
Aer Lingus CEO
By Karen Walker