The location and layout of Beijing’s new airport are expected to reduce travel times by 30-40 min., China Southern Airlines said.

The airline said it is on track to complete construction by the end of June for its operations at Beijing Daxing International Airport, which will supplement Beijing Capital International Airport. The new airport is scheduled to open Sept. 30.

“The arrangement of Daxing airport’s geographical position and airspace means that aircraft taking off and landing there do not have to cross or maneuver around the Beijing city area,” the carrier said. “So, compared with Capital airport, flights to and from southern and eastern China will spend about 15-20 minutes less in the air.”

The configuration of the new airport will also cut taxi times by 15-20 min., China Southern said, so gate-to-gate times will be reduced by a total of 30-40 min.

For China Southern and China Eastern Airlines, both operating from Terminal 2 at Beijing Capital, taxi times depend on which of three parallel north-south runways is used. The terminal is between the western and central runways, so arrival at or departure from the eastern runway requires crossing the central one.

China Southern, the country’s largest airline, will move all of its Beijing operations to Daxing, and China Eastern will transfer most its flights there. Air China will keep most operations at Beijing Capital.

By 2025, China Southern plans to have 200 aircraft based at Daxing, operating 900 flights a day.

Bradley Perrett,

Research by Ryan Wang