UK budget carrier EasyJet will launch London Gatwick-Moscow Domodedovo flights March 18 after reaching an agreement with Russia’s Transaero Airline. EasyJet will also launch Manchester-Moscow flights from March 28.

These routes were formally flown by British Midland International (bmi), which it had to give up after British Airways parent International Airlines Group (IAG) took over the carrier in April 2012.

Details of the agreement have not been announced.

EasyJet UK director Paul Simmons said, “We are well advanced in securing all of the necessary permissions and agreements to operate between Moscow and London. EasyJet has been meeting with the Federal Air Transport Agency in Moscow last week and is working with them to finalize all the necessary arrangements.”

Simmons earlier said Transaero’s agreement with bmi was a codeshare, which is not possible between easyJet and Transaero as the airlines operate flights in different London airports—Transaero flies to Heathrow and EasyJet operates from Gatwick.

In October 2012, the UK Civil Aviation Authority granted approval to British Airways and EasyJet to operate service between London and Moscow Domodedovo under bilateral agreements with the Russian government.