16   Havana Hopes
The opening of US-Cuba aviation restrictions could unleash a vast market.
By Karen Walker


20   Good for Some
Global industry growth continues, but industry fortunes vary widely from region to region.
By Aaron Karp, Adrian Schofield & Karen Walker

28  New Realities
Industry works to transform aviation into a driver of environmental sustainability.
By Anne Paylor

32  Overcoming Adversity
Thai Airways is fighting back against government turmoil, terrorist bombings and a decade of mismanagement to get back into the black.
By Douglas W. Nelms

37  NAVCanada south?
US Congress studies Canada’s ATC provider as a possible model for reform in the United States.
By Aaron Karp



5    Editorial
A Good Rule
By Karen Walker

9    News BriefS

16  Analysis
Passing the Smell Test
United Airlines moves to freshen up its product and turn around its poor customer service reputation.
By Aaron Karp

41  Trends

48  Commentary
Mitigating the Threat
By John Halinski
Former Deputy Administrator  US TSA