Hawaiian Airlines has revised its financial outlook for the third quarter as a result of a better-than-expected revenue performance.

The carrier said unit revenues were higher than previous predictions, thanks to higher yields in its long-haul markets, particularly international. Because of this, Hawaiian said its unit revenue for the quarter will be in a range from down 0.5% to up 0.5%, an improvement from its last estimate released July 30 that forecast a drop of 1.5%-4.5%.

Hawaiian tightened the forecast range in other areas. Unit cost is expected to be down 0.8% to up 0.2%, compared to the earlier projection of down 0.5% to up 1.7%. The airline said the change is partly because fuel costs are slightly lower than expected.

The carrier also released its traffic results. Third-quarter traffic rose 2.7% on a 0.4% capacity cut, resulting in load factor rising by 2.7 points to 87.8%.

Adrian Schofield, adrian.schofield@informa.com