Lao Central Airlines and Indonesia’s Sky Aviation announced their first Sukhoi Superjet 100s (SSJ100s) have launched their first flights.

Lao Central aircraft launched its first domestic flight from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. Lao Central took delivery of its first SSJ100 in February. It plans to operate the aircraft on both domestic and international routes from Laos to Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming, Singapore and other destinations in Southeast Asia.
Sky Aviation’s SSJ100 launched domestic service from Makassar to Sorong. Sky took delivery of its first SSJ100 in January, which it plans to use for domestic destinations.

Sky Aviation CEO Krisman Tarigan said last month: “Our country is an archipelago comprising numerous islands. It is vitally important to provide a transport link between them. Some airports in Indonesia have short runways implying certain restrictions for aircraft and [the] SSJ100 will fit these peculiarities as it can land on runways which are less than 1,800 meters.”

Sky Aviation, which ordered 12 aircraft at MAKS Air Show in 2011, will take delivery of the aircraft through 2015. The first three aircraft feature a two-class cabin layout and seats 12 passengers in business and 75 in economy; the rest will seat eight in business and 90 in economy.

Lao Central has three aircraft on order, with six options. The aircraft features a two-class cabin layout and seats 93 passengers.