Air France subsidiary Joon plans to offer a new ancillary product, where parents can pay to convert their children’s economy seats into a small bed and play area.

The “Cosy Joon” service launches in November on Joon’s Airbus A340s and will be charged at €20 ($23) per family member per flight. This means one adult traveling with two children will pay €60, while two adults and two children will pay €80. The service will be free to Joon’s Flying Blue loyalty program members, from silver level upward.

Speaking at the Accelerate Aviation conference in London Nov. 14, Joon head of product & customer experience Célia Geslin said Cosy Joon works by unclipping the seat headrests, which are then used as a seat extension that spans the normal leg space.

As the conversion requires two seats, Cosy Joon is restricted to adult passengers traveling with two young children, who are over two years old. Those two seats are converted into one small child-sized double bed/play space, measuring 105cm by 76cm (41 in. by 30 in.). Joon will provide a cotton mattress pad and an additional seat belt, adapted to the bed.

“Cosy Joon makes it possible for kids to sleep horizontally in a comfy bed and have play space. In an instant, the cabin crew can transform your child's seat into a comfortable area for him or her to play and sleep,” Joon said.

The service must booked at least two days before departure and is only available on the middle-seat blocks of rows 33 to 36 on Joon’s A340s.

Air New Zealand also offers a Skycouch service on its Boeing 777s, where three economy seats can be purchased and converted into a bed.

Victoria Moores