Nav Canada has announced that it will transition in October to an international format and a new website for distributing notices to airmen (NOTAM), which notify pilots in advance of flights to changes in aeronautical facilities, services, procedures or hazards.

The privately run, nonprofit Canadian air navigation service provider will issue NOTAMs based on ICAO’s format as of Oct. 10. One key difference is that notices will be geographically referenced, instead of based on NOTAM file identifiers for aerodromes, flight information regions (FIR) and nationwide notices, Nav Canada said.

Pilots and operators will be able to search for NOTAMs by entering an aerodrome identification, navigation aid, FIR or geographic coordinates, with a desired radius around points of interest as an option. They will also be able to enter a flight route and receive all NOTAMs that geographically intersect the route, Nav Canada said.

In addition to the new format, notices now obtained from the Nav Canada Aviation Weather Web Site will be available using a NOTAM retrieval tool on its Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) website. Pilots will be able to use the CFPS site to access notices beginning in mid-September.

“The adoption of the ICAO NOTAM format—already used by most countries—will ensure compliance with international standards and will eliminate the need for pilots who fly international routes to be familiar with more than one NOTAM format,” Nav Canada said.

“It will also pave the way for more advanced filtering functionality, reducing NOTAM clutter by helping pilots access just the NOTAMs pertinent to their flight.”

Bill Carey,