KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will buy two Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs) from UK-based training simulator specialist EDM. Manchester-based EDM will manufacture CEETs to cover the Boeing 737 and 777 fleets operated by the Dutch flag carrier.

CEETs are used to train cabin crew in safety and emergency procedures including fire and smoke events, door and exit operation, secure cockpit procedures and emergency equipment usage.

The Boeing 737 CEET will be static while the Boeing 777 model will be the world’s first widebody training simulator to be operated on a three-axis electric motion system designed to add realism to the training experience. While not as sophisticated as the six-axes flight models used in pilots’ simulators, these provide sufficient movement to replicate events such as turbulence, undercarriage collapses and ditching.

Both CEETs will be fitted with SEPTRE, EDM’s audio-visual system that generates pre-programmed emergency scenarios such as aborted takeoff, engine fire, gear collapse, ditching and decompression. Imagery linked to the cabin’s movements is projected onto the CEET’s windows, while the appropriate audio effects are piped into the trainer via speakers. Forward facing visuals in the cockpit windows synched to SEPTRE are designed to further enhance realism in training scenarios.

Each CEET will be fitted with a galley, passenger seats, cabin lighting, overhead storage compartments and cabin communications system to enable them also to be used for passenger service and management training. Once completed, the two CEETs will be shipped and installed at KLM’s new training facility scheduled to open at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, in 2018.

Alan Dron alandron@adepteditorial.com