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  • Sep 19, 2017

    O’Leary’s Mea Culpa

    Who thought we’d ever see the day that Michael O’Leary said sorry?...More
  • Sep 15, 2017

    Data is the new oil

    At the recent Aviation Festival in London, an observation from one of the moderators really struck me: “Data is the new oil.”...More
  • Sep 14, 2017

    White House’s sloppy talk imperils ATC reform

    White House support for Rep. Bill Shuster’s ATC reform plan presents a catch-22 for airlines....More
  • Sep 1, 2017

    Turning a problem into revenue

    Convincing passengers to give up their hand luggage is one of the toughest jobs in airline ground operations, so UK LCC easyJet’s plan to turn this problem into an ancillary revenue stream is an interesting move....More
  • Aug 25, 2017

    Is there a future for ‘middle-seat' airlines? ​

    As the carve-up of German carrier airberlin begins, it begs the question of whether there is an independent future for second-tier airlines that are neither niche players, nor members of large airline groups....More
  • Aug 18, 2017

    Dueling Dallas views of US airline industry

    Is Doug Parker too optimistic? Is Gary Kelly too cautious?...More
  • Aug 15, 2017

    Is Europe in the next phase of consolidation?

    Do the airberlin and Alitalia insolvency filings signal the next wave of European industry consolidation?...More
  • Aug 15, 2017

    Airport drinking; when to call time?

    Is limiting the number of alcoholic drinks each passenger can consume at an airport a good idea?...More
  • Aug 11, 2017

    Sully video blog – reader comments & a follow up

    Not surprisingly, my latest blog on “Sully” Sullenberger’s AAAA videos campaigning against US ATM reform ignited a strong response from readers. Perhaps the only surprise is that many of the responses in my emails were highly supportive....More
  • Aug 10, 2017

    Sully’s misleading statements on US ATC reform

    Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who landed a US Airways A320 on the Hudson River in New York, is campaigning against moves to reform and modernize the US air traffic management (ATM) system. Aside from misrepresenting the issue, Sullenberger accuses US airlines of “putting cost reduction ahead of safety”; that’s a shameful lie....More
  • Aug 8, 2017

    Can a partial shutdown of FAA be avoided?

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for an FAA reauthorization bill including major ATC reform to pass the US Congress....More
  • Jul 28, 2017

    Air France-KLM and Virgin Atlantic: culture clash?

    Air France-KLM pulled a surprise move, announcing plans to acquire 31% of UK long-haul carrier Virgin Atlantic, but how will the partnership play out in terms of culture and strategy?...More
  • Jul 24, 2017

    New US security rules are a win for common sense

    The US government’s new security rules for all international flights bound for the US came into effect last week. I experienced them first hand at Auckland airport and, if that experience proves typical, this is a win for safety and for common sense....More
  • Jul 21, 2017

    Joon know your target audience? ​

    Air France has finally given birth to new lower-cost airline Joon, but is the baby too genetically similar to its elderly parent to appeal to millennials?...More
  • Jul 7, 2017

    Wait-and-see approach is still best on new US security requirements

    The foundation is in place for the new standards to be problematic for airlines down the road....More
  • Jul 7, 2017

    ​Make it easy; make it different

    More and more passengers are looking for ‘business as unusual’ from companies. They want their experience to be easy, different, human…and cheap....More
  • Jul 6, 2017

    The UK’s laptop security predicament

    Gradually, business returns closer to normal for those airlines and airports that were affected by the US government’s poorly conceived laptop ban in the cabins of in-bound flights from 10 airports, most of them in the Middle East....More
  • Jun 27, 2017

    The subsidy irony of Anderson’s new gig

    Amtrak’s pick of former Delta Air Lines chairman and CEO Richard Anderson to be its president and CEO provides exactly the sort of tough leadership that the woefully-inadequate US passenger rail line needs....More
  • Jun 23, 2017

    Qatar Airways’ American bid could be political

    Qatar Airways’ unsolicited bid to acquire a large stake in American Airlines is indeed “puzzling”, as American CEO Doug Parker put it in a letter to employees....More
Blogs & Commentary
Oct 18, 2017

Planes, Politics & Protectionism

It’s ironic that the US is seeing a surge in activity that smacks of protectionism under a Republican president; one who campaigned on his credentials as a businessman....More
Oct 17, 2017

Airbus-Bombardier CSeries shocker: First thoughts

There will be much more to say about the blockbuster Airbus-Bombardier CSeries deal, in which Airbus will become the majority stakeholder in the CSeries program, in the days and weeks ahead. Here are a few initial thoughts…...More
Oct 13, 2017

Basic economy is a success if it does NOT sell

The success of basic economy 'isn’t how many people buy it, but how many people don’t buy it.'...More
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