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  • Dec 1, 2016

    Five priorities for the next US Transportation Secretary

    US President-elect’s nomination of Elaine Chao to be Department of Transportation Secretary seems to have broad support and will likely be an uncontentious nominee with the Senate....More
  • Nov 1, 2016

    Bags and baggage

    ATW recently polled readers on this website on what they define as a “serious delay” in the delivery of their checked baggage. The result, though not scientific, indicates one of the problems the US Department of Transportation faces if it tries to define and regulate this aspect of airline operations....More
  • Oct 24, 2016

    President Obama is wrong on airline competition; did he also plagiarize Tony Tyler?

    US President Barack Obama has weighed in on airline travel and borrowed a line from former IATA director general Tony Tyler that completely upends Tyler’s famous mantra that airlines are a “force for good”....More
  • Oct 19, 2016

    DOT’s new “competition” rules for US airlines have nothing to do with competition

    The White House press conference held Wednesday was purportedly about competition among US airlines. It was nothing of the sort....More
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Jan 19, 2017

Board games

Could organizing passengers on a mat – yes, an actual physical mat - help speed up aircraft boarding and cut turnaround times?...More
Jan 19, 2017

‘Basic economy’ is a reasonable business decision for airlines

It's about much more than overhead bin carry-on bag restrictions....More
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