A Boeing 737-800 of Bangladeshi carrier US-Bangla Airlines carried out a forced landing after its nose undercarriage failed to extend as it approached the small regional city of Cox’s Bazar on a flight from the country’s capital, Dhaka, Sept. 26.

Having detected the problem, the crew elected to divert to Chittagong Airport, with its longer runway and more extensive rescue services, for a gear-up landing at the airport there.

The aircraft, registration S2-AJA, was carrying 164 passengers and seven crew.

Video from the airport showed the aircraft touching down on its main undercarriage and the pilots holding its nose off the runway for as long as possible as speed decayed.

Flight Safety Foundation’s Aviation Safety Network (ASN) said the aircraft came to rest 70 m (230 ft.) short of Chittagong’s runway 05 threshold.

Passengers evacuated by emergency slides on the runway. According to local media, nobody was injured in the landing.

ASN identified the aircraft as having first flown in 2000.

Alan Dron alandron@adepteditorial.com