UPDATE: FBI confirms shooter was arriving passenger who legally checked handgun.

UPDATE: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International reopened Jan. 7.

[DEVELOPING STORY] Five people were killed in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (Florida) International Airport (FLL), police have confirmed.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said five people were dead and eight injured people were transported to a hospital from the airport. 

Police said a suspect was in custody. Calls to police about shots fired at the airport were made at 12:55 p.m. local time, the sheriff’s office said. Initial reports indicated there was just one shooter, a male who may have arrived at the airport as a passenger.

FLL said the shooting happened in the Terminal 2 baggage claim area, which is on the land side of the airport and not on the secured post-screening side. Air Canada and Delta Air Lines operate out of Terminal 2.

The airport said it is "currently closed and will be for an extended period of time." It was still closed as the Daily News posted Friday evening.

Atlanta-based Delta issued a statement at 3 p.m. saying the terminal was evacuated as a result of the shooting: “Preliminary reports indicate that all Delta employees are safe and accounted for during what remains an ongoing active shooter incident at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. We are working with local law enforcement.” Delta CEO Ed Bastian extended condolences to families affected by the shooting.

FAA issued a nationwide ground stop for Fort Lauderdale-bound flights and said flights destined for FLL were being held on the ground at the originating airport. FAA said several flights were diverted to other South Florida airports.

Broward County commissioner Chip LaMarca, whose district includes Fort Lauderdale, posted this on his Facebook page Friday afternoon: “The shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight with a checked gun. He claimed his bag and took the gun from baggage and went into the bathroom to load it. Came out shooting people in baggage claim.”

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