Airline Safety Performance 2017


Source: IATA, Ascend FlightGlobal


Totals20172016% Chg.5-year average (2012-2016)
Total Flights (000)41,80039,9004.837.3
On-board Fatalities19202-90.6314.6
Total Accidents4567-32.874.8
Fatal Accidents69-33.310.8
Fatality Risk per million flights0.090.21-57.10.24
Fatal Accidents on Passenger Flights23-33.35.6
Fatal Accidents on Cargo Flights46-33.34.6
% of accidents involving fatalities13.3%13.4%-0.1 p.p.14%
Jet hull losses413-69.210
Jet hull losses with fatalities14-75.03.4
Turboprop hull losses9728.615
Turboprop hull losses with fatalities5425.07.2

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