Accident Overview: 2017


Culled from IATA's 2017 Airline Safety Performance report, an overview of total accidents, fatal accidents, and fatality totals for commercial aviation flights, specifically scheduled/carter passenger or cargo service. Executive jet operations, training, maintenance/test flights are excluded. IATA defines an accident as an event where the aircraft has sustained major structural damage exceeding $1 million or 10% of the aircraft's hull reserve value, whichever is lower, or has been declared a hull loss. A hull loss is an accident in which the aircraft is destroyed or substantially damaged and is not subsequently repaired for whatever reason including a financial decision of the owner.

Source: IATA and Ascend FlightGlobal.

Totals201720162015201420132012Average 2012-2016
Yearly Flights (000)41,80039,90037,90037,10036,10035,40037,300
Total Accidents45676777867774.8
Fatal Accidents69412141510.8

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