In its most aggressive customer satisfaction move to date, Travelocity unveiled a customer bill of rights and backed it with a series of specific guarantees.

Notable on the bill of rights is Travelocitys statement that if something goes wrong on a trip, it will work with the appropriate supplier to correct the problem immediately. It also provided telephone numbers that travelers can use at any time before, during or after a trip to get help from a live agent.

Less urgent matters can be dealt with by e-mail, and Travelocity said it would respond within four hours.

Among the guarantees are:
· A promise that if a customer books the wrong dates and notifies Travelocity within 24 hours, the airline tickets will be rebooked with no change fee.
· If a customers hotel is overbooked or the reservation is lost, Travelocity will work directly with the hotel to obtain a room at the original property or at a comparable hotel.
· If the customer arrives at the hotel and finds that the pool is closed for renovations or the reserved room with ocean view is not available, Travelocity will find a comparable hotel with the desired features at no cost to the customer.
· If a rental car company does not provide the reserved car type, Travelocity will work with the company (or another car rental firm) to find the car type that was booked.
· If a hurricane or other unsafe event threatens a trip, Travelocity will notify travelers in advance to offer the opportunity to change the plans and will work with suppliers to obtain a reasonable price for the changes.

The bill of rights and the guarantees are part of Travelocitys Customer Championship program, a series of initiatives designed to differentiate the online agency from its competition. Behind the scenes, Travelocity has developed new technology that routes travelers to the best agent for their situations in an effort to resolve issues with a single call.

It instituted new practices, such as follow-up phone calls to hotels to ensure that reservations are being held as originally booked; It also developed a two-day training course for its agents that is designed to transform them into empowered problem solvers who can make more judgment calls on the spot. As an example of its proactive customer championship, Travelocity cited the case of a traveler who inadvertently booked a return flight a month later than intended.

Travelocity resolved that problem and researched its reservations to see if other customers had made similar mistakes.