On the Cover
22 Heads Up
Better policies, rules and runway situation awareness technologies have helped lower the rate of runway incursions and excursions over the years.
By Robert W. Moorman

27 Narrowing the Gap
IATA airlines scored a record safety year in 2012; now the focus is on improving the world’s trouble spots.
By Karen Walker

31 Surviving Freighter Fires
UPS and Asiana 747-400F crashes spur search for new cargo fire suppression technologies.
By Aaron Karp

35 More Fees, More Rules
US DOT endeavors to regulate the complex landscape of ancillary fees.
By Christine Boynton

38 Now Comes the Hard Part
IATA and ICAO talks on global emissions agreement
moves into high gear.
By Karen Walker

41 Action Needed
Europe mulls penalties to propel Single European Sky out of the doldrums.
By Anne Paylor

45 Solving the Gridlock Grind
Smart coordination is the best way out of ATM delays.
By Karen Walker

5 Editorial
US Industry Transformation

By Aaron Karp

9 News Briefs

20 Analysis
Sleepless in Seattle

Boeing, FAA must balance 787-design review from public relations high wire.
By Karen Walker

47 Trends

55 Growth in a Tough Climate
Interview with Air Astana President and CEO Peter Foster.
By Kurt Hofmann