Pilots at Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings are set to strike Friday if an agreement isn’t reached Thursday on the issue of transitional benefits. The pilots are represented by the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union.

VC said in a statement several days ago that talks with Lufthansa management had failed to reach an agreement over its early retirement scheme.

In a Monday letter, Lufthansa had proposed the talks to resume negotiations and had prepared a suggestion on what form further negotiations should take. The purpose of the talks would have been primarily to specify an orderly process and a timetable for further negotiations.

However, Deutsche Lufthansa AG chief officer-human resources and legal Bettina Volkens said, “The impression given is that the VC pilots union had already decided to strike. It is unrealistic to expect to reach agreement on a new model for sustainable transitional benefits in the course of a single day.”

The six-hour strike is set to begin 6 a.m. local time.

Germanwings has canceled 70%—116 out of 164—of its scheduled flights from seven German airports, affecting 15,000 passengers.  

Germanwings said that most of the affected flights are German domestic flights. It will implement management pilots to work on several flights.

A three-day pilot strike in early April cost Lufthansa €45 million ($60 million). In addition, Lufthansa was affected by strikes by airport security staff and public service employees.