The planned merger of American Airlines and US Airways will be good for the industry, United Airlines’ treasurer said Tuesday.

Speaking as a panelist at the ISTAT 2013 Americas conference in Orlando, United senior VP, finance and treasurer Gerry Laderman said, “We think that the US-American merger is also good for the industry. It creates a more stable industry and as a result is very healthy and positive.”

The merger would create the third US “mega” airline group after the Delta Air Lines-Northwest Airlines and United-Continental Airlines mergers.

US Airways VP and treasurer Tom Weir, who was on the same panel, said he could not speak about the AA-US Air merger specifically, but in general “I think consolidation has been a very important component of the capacity discipline we have seen come into the US market and one of the key ingredients of stabilization of US airline economic performance.”

Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet EVP and CFO Vito Culmone, another panelist, said he would not be surprised to see more airline joint ventures and more relaxing of airline ownership rules. “We are moving more and more towards a global industry and it will be very interesting to see how that unfolds over the next decade,” he said.