Pratt & Whitney has selected UTC Aerospace Systems as the exclusive nacelle provider for the second generation Embraer E-Jet. It will provide nacelle systems for both engine models—the Pratt and Whitney PW1700G and PW1900G—selectedto power the aircraft when it enters service in 2018.

“The nacelles for the Embraer Second Generation E-Jets feature a 360-degree acoustically smooth inlet that we developed, which is a major contributor to reductions in engine noise,” UTC Aerostructures president Marc Duvall said. “These nacelle systems strike the perfect balance of weight, performance and cost, enabling a complete and fully integrated propulsion package that will deliver optimal value to Embraer.”

UTC Aerostructures estimates the contract award will generate approximately $12 billion in sales over the life of the program. It also provides nacelles for the PW1100G-JM, PW1200G and PW1500G engines.