WELCOME TO THE SECOND ISSUE of Airline Procurement. All of us at the Air Transport World Media Group are excited about this new launch, and your enthusiastic response has exceeded our expectations by a wide mark.

In fact, the initial demand for copies of Airline Procurement meant that our June launch issue was oversubscribed. We had planned to mail 9,000 copies globally to those who qualified. To our surprise, we qualified more than 16,000 recipients. Therefore, concurrent with this second issue we are launching a digital version of Airline Procurement that will be delivered to 7,000 additional readers around the world.

Published every other month, Airline Procurement will focus on a wide variety of issues including but not limited to supplier relationship management, supply chain management, parts and materials, vendor relationships, procurement at the OEM, technology integration and new purchasing software technology, new products, strategic partnerships, case studies, global sourcing, vendor profiles and inventory management.

The issue you are currently reading looks at how the three major airline alliances, oneworld, SkyTeam and Star, are coordinating their spending to achieve greater savings and efficiencies. Our cover story examines how some leading carriers make their wine purchasing decisions. As author Jerome Greer Chandler reports, each has its own approach.

Issues relating to procurement, supply chain and inventory management and customer service are at the forefront of airline, OEM and maintenance provider operations planning around the world. In fact, many of the companies engaged in these activities are creating senior management positions dedicated to managing the supply chain.

It has become clear that you, our readers, want a magazine to address these issues continually to help you in performing your jobs. Readers of Airline Procurement are active in areas such as warranty control, contract management, materials, technical services, logistics, audit and compliance, planning and performance, purchasing and procurement, strategic sourcing, vendor management, quality assurance, supplies and also operations.

In conjunction with our new magazine, we have launched the Procurement Channel on ATWOnline.com. It will contain some of the content from Airline Procurement along with other industry-relevant articles and targeted white papers. In addition, it will contain the most up-to-date information on new orders, contracts and supplier news, provided through our free Daily News service.

As one reader commented, "I do believe that a publication specializing in the complete supply chain would be greatly beneficial for the operators, especially for inventory cost maximization and any other opportunity for reducing costs."

We are excited to present Airline Procurement to the market. We hope you enjoy this magazine as well as the Procurement Channel on ATWOnline.com. While you are there, feel free to sign up for our Daily News if you are not already receiving it. It will come to you each day delivering a thorough yet concise wrapup of the industry's most important events, of course with ATW's value-added touch.

Lastly if you have any relevant stories you would like to share with our editorial staff, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.

Kindest Regards,
William A. Freeman, III
ATW Media Group